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the almanizack
stochastic synapse spasms
2005 has drawn to a close. wow. gatlinburg was a blast and i'm glad james made time to swing down and enjoy the festivities. always great to ring in a new year with old friends. :)

i could wax poetic for hours about the peaks and valleys of 2005, but i think it is best summarized by these words penned long ago by an anonymous confederate soldier...

i asked God for strength, that i might acheive,
i was made weak, that i might learn humbly to obey.
i asked for health, that i might do greater things,
i was given infirmity, that i might do better things.
i asked for riches, that i might be happy,
i was given poverty, that i might be wise.
i asked for power, that i might have the praise of men,
i was given weakness, that i might feel the need of God.
i asked for all things, that i might enjoy life,
i was given life, that i might enjoy all things.
i got nothing i asked for-
but everything i had hoped for.
almost despite myself,
my unspoken prayers were answered.
i am, among all men,
most richly blessed.
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